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Are there different types of cocksuckers? Why do men love cock? Ms. Ryan discusses these topics in her essay Cocksuckers: Men who Love Cock.

What motivates straight men to suck cock? Does wanting to suck cock make you gay? It depends. Ms. Piper discusses these topics at length in her essay Why would a straight man want to suck cock?

Coerced cock sucking is when my Mistress convinces me to do just that, suck suck suck! In my case, it really isn’t coercion at all because I really want to do it; I just have a hard time admitting that to anyone, even me. But my Mistress helped me face the fact that the fantasies I kept having could and should be acted on. But does she coerce me, really? Read more about Coerced Cocksucking to find out.

You can consider this your official Penis Safety Announcement, for those of you Cock Suckers who love the thought of a Glory Hole Suck and for those of you who have heard of it, think it sounds naughty and “glorious” but really have no idea what it is. We want you to be dirty and do all kinds of kinky fun things but we also want you to be safe to have fun for a long long time to come. Read more about Glory Hole Safety.

I want to start out by telling you that I am a very manly man, even a little bit of a control freak. I was raised on a ranch, riding horses and working hard. Then I played football and other sports in college and loved to drink my frat brothers under the table. I work in an industry made for men who are real men! None of those metro sexual manicures for me! I’m married and have been for years and when I go out with my buddies it’s to hunt or fish or maybe ride our Harley’s down the coast to rough it out at a campsite. There is no one who has ever met me who has even wondered for a moment if I’m anything other than straight as an arrow. But I suck cock for my Mistress- does that make me gay?

I love cock, yes I do! I love cock, how bout you? Woohoo!!! Reminds me of my cheerleading days! I’m a sissy girl and I’m not ashamed to cheer about my love of all things cock. I think about three things most of the time. They are, in no particular order, sucking on a big cock, dressing up in girly clothes and doing girly girl things. And I do all three as much as I can! Read more about me in The Sissy Cocksucker.

My husband is a cock sucking cuckold. How did he get this way you may ask? Well, let me tell you. My husband is rich. He has been rich since before I met him five years ago. We dated for a while and then I realized that he was a weak loser. But I couldn’t stop dating him. He loved me and he was RICH! I married him eventually, even though I could barely touch him by that point. After the marriage, I endured my life with him for a few years, but finally I had to say enough was enough. Read more about it in The Cuckold Cock Sucker.

I can't stop thinking about cock. I'm not gay. I'm married to a georgeous woman whom I love very much. And yet... Read more about it in Can't Stop Thinking about Cock.

My Mistress is far more likely to come up with an idea, as she did when the discussion of cock sucking began. She brought a strap on with her and showed it to me. Telling me that it looked so much like a real cock, not mine of course, that she couldn’t believe it. Continue reading What is Coerced Cocksucking?

If you asked me if I was gay, I would tell you vehemently that I was not gay. But…I think I am. I don’t really want to be because it complicates my life, but I can’t help what I feel. I have always liked men more than women; even though I understood that it wasn’t like that for most men. By the time I was in college, I had accepted that I was probably gay, but I decided that no one needed to know it but me. So I went through college very quietly. Read more about it in The Closet Gay Cock Sucker.

Are you a man who's completely comfortable with his sexuality and fantasies? If so, you may have a hard time reconciling the idea of any sexual fantasy, including one that's considered at least somewhat "taboo," being humiliating just by virtue of existing. On the other hand, if you're a man who's ashamed of his fantasies, you may be wondering why exactly that this particular fantasy triggers such a violent reaction inside you when you think about it. Read more about What Makes Coerced Bi so Humiliating?

My submissive and I have been together for quite some time now and have been exploring all sorts of things that neither of us ever imagined we'd enjoy. On such surpise was finding out we enjoy going to swingers' parties. Read all about our favorite experience in Coerced Bi at Swingers' Party.

After he had taken a few laps of the cum, he started to eagerly drink up every last drop of melted cum and then started to suck on the frozen cube of ice like he was sucking cock! Read more about it in Cum Eating and Cock Sucking.

You are going to become so comfortable sucking your lovely phone sex Mistress's strap on, so much so that the first time that you are told to suck the cock of her cuckold bull, you will not even think twice before you practically inhale his cock. Read more about Learning to Suck Cock as a Sissy.

My slave has always wanted to have a threesome. Like any man, he's turned on by the idea of a threesome. I have told him that I'd make him a deal. I'd give him the kind of threesome he wanted if he'd agree to the kind of threesome I wanted. Read all about it in The Coerced Bi Threesome.

There's actually a whole other dimension of coerced bi that is not talked about nearly as much as the cocksucking aspect. For some reason, many men want to suck dick, but they never go any further than that. The truly daring, however, get to find out just how pleasurable anal sex can be. Read more about it in Anal Sex with Another Man.

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The only thing more humiliating than seeing a cock that's superior to yours is having it in your mouth, isn't it? Oh, I know it makes you gag. But don't stop. You're doing such a good job! Continue reading about it in Coerced Bi Humiliation.

It started out like almost every other play session I'd ever had with my Femdom Mistress in the past. She began by tying me up. Actually, it's more accurate to say that she tied me down, since she's always been partial to tying me spread-eagle to the bed. But then, what happened next took me by complete surprise. Read all about it in Coerced Bi Bondage.

Hi there diary, it’s me again, your cock sucking friend. You know I started this journal before I had ever tried to get on my knees and suck a cock. I wanted to, but I hadn’t done it yet and you’ve been here with me through all the attempts, both failed and successful. That’s really important you know, to be able to share things with someone. Though you I know I can trust to keep my secrets, as long as I keep you hidden. I can’t imagine what would happen if someone found you! I think that every time I write here, I think about what would happen if someone just picked you up, my dear diary, and flipped through you. Read the Cock Sucker Diaries.

I’ve had gay fantasies many times over the years, but have never acted on them. I LOVE women. I lust after women. I obsess over women. But somewhere deep in my secret place, I’d like to try sucking a cock. I don’t want a relationship …. I don’t even want to know the guy’s name. I just wanna taste a big stiff penis. Of course as she does, my Mistress got me to confess my perverted secret. After many conversations I now realize that I want to service her by wearing a slutty maid’s outfit and sucking off her boyfriend. Actually, I’d suck off whomever she told me to. I want her to watch me with glee as I take his dick in my hand and stroke it. I want to suck cock for her pleasure.

As time passed, I lost the edge again. Humping panty covered pillows didn’t cut it anymore. I wanted to take it to another level. To do that, I had to become Farrah. So I started pretending I was a woman. I’d get caught by the bad guys, and they’d fuck me. Being controlled and treated like a slut was intoxicating and it wasn’t like I imagined it being against my will, no way I wanted it! I couldn’t stop. Read Birth of a Cock Slut.

Ask any straight man whether he's thought about sucking cock and the answer will be a very adamant and resounding "NO." A little too adamant most of the time, if you ask me! I've been a Fantasy Phone Sex Mistress for several years and it seems no matter what fantasy guys originally call for, they all end up the same way. On their knees, begging to suck cock. So, why are men afraid to admit their cock sucking fantasies?

My mistress lets me suck cock. I always tell her that I hate it and whine about having to do it for her, but I really love doing it! It makes me so hot!! Read more about it in I Love Sucking Cock for My Mistress.

Have you been fantasizing about sucking cock for a long time but aren't exactly sure how to go about it, should the opportunity present itself? Perhaps you should take our Cock Sucking 101 course to learn!

I love having my slaves suck cock—even if they don’t admit that they want to. I have several reasons for doing this, and believe me, my slaves suck for me…or else. Why? Read more about it in Slaves Sucking Cock.