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I want you to take a minute and visualize a nice big erect cock. What's the first word that pops into your mind? More to the point, how does your body respond? Is your heart racing, do you see a minor wobble to your hands, hear a little whimper escape your parting lips, practically tasting the pre-cum dappled dick in your mind's eye? And of course your own excited cock piece feels a palpitation of pleasure I'm sure.

Well now, if one or more of the above transpired by the mere thought of a prick it would seem like you are at the very least cock curious and perhaps even ready to experience more than just a fleeting daydream of dick.

Now imagine what it would be like, being made to please your Mistress by sucking up your pride and taking in a nice hard shaft under her astute tutelage and insistence.

Granted it's not something that happens overnight. A subbie interested in cock sucking must train with a few dick drills with a dildo (improvised or otherwise) and practice their kinky craft beforehand. A preparatory planning will take you far past what you thought possible.

I want you to know where to start, and make you into a cock tease in your own right. You see, A well trained cock cobbler denotes a great mistress and I want you to be one of my prime examples of excellence

That phallus of yours even more entwined with my domination becomes mine as I guide you through both sensual fantasy and for those that crave a little extra edge, the nitty gritty details of full-blown face fucking. Open wide...

$3.50 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

Cum Tasting

Have you ever tasted your own cum? If you are dying to be a cocksucking slut, then you've probably fantasized about tasting another guy's cum. The best way to start is with your own! Our Mistresses will bring you to the height of pleasure then make you eat up all that dirty cum until you are begging to taste it over and over again. Once you've tasted yours, you are definitely going to want to taste other guys!

Strap On

If you aren't ready for a real man, then you need Suck Patrol's strap on training. We provide strap on phone sex training sessions that will get you used to being taken by a man. You'll come to learn that there's nothing like the feel of a dick in your ass.

Cock Sucking

Want to be a little cocksucker? Let our Femdom Mistresses show you the correct way to suck a cock. We will teach you all the tips and tricks to deep throat and swallow that cum like a man whore. Whether you use this skills on guys or just simulate them for your own pleasure, Suck Patrol gives you the full experience so you won't be left wanting,

Don't let your coerced bi fantasies go unfulfilled. Whether you are a cocksucker or are dying to get it in the ass, we can help you at Suck Patrol. We are committed to making sure that every coerced bi phone sex call and cocksucking phone sex session turns you into the naughty little slut you know is inside!