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Open your mouth for me please and get ready for a face full of cock. Don't look shocked and surprised! I know that you've been dying to feel a cock rub against your lips for a really long time now. Keeping those naughty fantasies tucked away doesn't do anyone any good, doesn't it?

My name is Mistress Andi and I LOVE watching guys suck cock. Especially if they are a little reluctant like I know you are.

I bet the first time you thought about sucking another man's cock you felt embarrassed and ashamed. After all, you are a straight guy, right? You shouldn't be having thoughts about having another guy's dick in your mouth.

But plenty of straight guys fantasize about exploring the taboo of tasting cock.

Perhaps you've started by thinking about tasting your own cum. I mean, you jack off and there it is, all over your hands. It's so easy to just lean down and take a lick, isn't it? Once lick leads to another and soon you are slurping down your own cum.

And not only do you like how it tastes but how it makes you feel. Very, very naughty.

Is tasting a cock the same? You bet it is.

Don't be nervous. In no time I will turn you into my cocksucking slut extraordinaire. You will be begging for more and more.

So as I said, open your mouth please. You need to take that cock deep down your throat and satisfy that hot fantasy inside of your head.

$3.50 per minute - minimum of 10 minutes - billed to your credit card - 18+

Cum Tasting

Have you ever tasted your own cum? If you are dying to be a cocksucking slut, then you've probably fantasized about tasting another guy's cum. The best way to start is with your own! Our Mistresses will bring you to the height of pleasure then make you eat up all that dirty cum until you are begging to taste it over and over again. Once you've tasted yours, you are definitely going to want to taste other guys!

Strap On

If you aren't ready for a real man, then you need Suck Patrol's strap on training. We provide strap on phone sex training sessions that will get you used to being taken by a man. You'll come to learn that there's nothing like the feel of a dick in your ass.

Cock Sucking

Want to be a little cocksucker? Let our Femdom Mistresses show you the correct way to suck a cock. We will teach you all the tips and tricks to deep throat and swallow that cum like a man whore. Whether you use this skills on guys or just simulate them for your own pleasure, Suck Patrol gives you the full experience so you won't be left wanting,

Don't let your coerced bi fantasies go unfulfilled. Whether you are a cocksucker or are dying to get it in the ass, we can help you at Suck Patrol. We are committed to making sure that every coerced bi phone sex call and cocksucking phone sex session turns you into the naughty little slut you know is inside!