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Testing Your Limits With A Suck Patrol Gangbang/Orgy

by Ms. Sophia of

So you've been a member of the Suck Patrol for a while now. You may have been a little apprehensive at the beginning of everything, but that feeling has long since passed. You'll now gobble down any cock put before you without the slightest hesitation. You'll bend over and take it in your other hole, too--like a pro!

Basically what I'm getting at is, it's safe to say that you've turned into quite the little cockwhore, haven't you? Looks like all you needed was the opportunity, and you took to it like you'd been born to do so. I mean...can we really even call it "coerced" bi at this point, when you're desperately begging me to let you suck and fuck?

You've done very well so far with sucking one cock at a time. You've even managed a couple of all-male threesomes without any real trouble. Your performance up until now has been pretty impressive, to be honest. I have to admit to being a little curious, though. I wonder how you'd do when faced with more than just a couple of cocks in front of you.

Time for a Suck Patrol Gangbang

Oh, yes, I'm talking about exactly what you think I'm talking about: a suck patrol gangbang! Or an orgy, if you prefer. I'd be interested to see how you'd do with more cocks than you have holes or hands to use on them.

I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy pushing your limits. You've done so well so far that I have complete faith in your ability to do this, too.

This is what I'm going to do. I'm going to get together as many of my kinky friends as I can get in one room at the same time--male, female, or other. You'll only be servicing the males, of course, but the women and I will be watching closely. Having our subs perform well for our amusement is always the very best part of any Femdom party, after all.

Any man who wants to have a go at you will be allowed to do so. They'll have permission to use you in any way they see fit (within certain safety limits, that is). And you will give them exactly what they want, won't you?

Don't worry, though. They'll have instructions from me on how to handle you. I'll have them start off slowly at first. I know that you're good at this sort of thing, but it's only fair to give you time to get adjusted to the task before you. Once I'm sure you've gotten into the groove of things, I'll give them permission to make the experience a bit more...intense.

Oh, and the very best part? You'll be wearing a cock ring the whole time, so you'll be hard and wanting until the very end. If you've pleased me with your performance (and I believe that you will), I'll take it off when you're finished servicing everyone and let you cum.

Are you ready?


You're already a member of the Suck Patrol. It's time for you to step your game up and become a VIP Suck Patrol member!


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