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Six Reasons You Need To Suck Cock

by Ms. Delia of

You’ve long harbored those feelings and that desire, that desperate need to suck cock. Every time you call a Phone Sex Femdom lately, it’s all about sucking dick. How badly you want to feel that head sliding between your lips, how you want to lick all the way down that shaft, how you want to suck those balls into your mouth, and how you want your throat to be filled with that prick until it swells and explodes, filling your mouth with warm, delicious cream. Have you ever wondered why? Why is this need to suck cock so powerful?

1. You want to do something naughty and nasty. Being dirty and naughty really gets you off doesn’t it? There are few things more taboo than for a guy to get down on his knees, unzip another guy’s jeans and fish out his throbbing rod. You want to be nasty, and sucking cock is about the nastiest thing you can think of. Which leads us to…

2. You’re a slut, and sluts suck cock. You know they do. Think about some of the sluttiest women you know. They all probably have knee pads, and are so used to being down on their knees with a cock deep down their throats. You know how you want to prove to your Mistress just how slutty you are, because sluts get rewarded, don’t they?

3. It is a power trip – just not for you. When you start to slide that head between your lips, you know you love it when he reaches down, grabs you by the hair and starts directing the action. At that point, you are not in control anymore, he is – and you love it! Your mouth has just become a warm, wet hole for his use. He will just keep pumping in and out until he finally spews his seed down your gullet. Then he will pull out, wipe his cock clean on your face, and go on his merry way.

4. The Cock is power. Maybe that is it, you are just drawn to the power of the cock. Yours is so small and insignificant, but the swords you swallow– they are big, thick, and throbbing. You stare at large powerful men, trying to imagine if those bulges are a true representation of the power they hold – and there is only one way to find out, isn’t there?

5. The humiliation. Oh, this is all part of being a nasty slut isn’t it? Doing something that no real man would do, opening wide and gagging on that dick? Licking that shaft, taking those balls in your mouth, smelling that masculine musk as your nose is buried in his bush. Knowing that that real cock gets to go places yours will never be?

6. You’re a cum junkie. Is that it? Sucking cock is really just a means to an end for you, isn’t it? For you, it’s all about the climax – feeling that dick swell in your mouth, and then pulse as rope after rope of jizz fills your mouth, sucking on it even more so that you make sure you get every last drop.

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