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What is Coerced Cock Sucking?

Coerced cock sucking is when my Mistress convinces me to do just that, suck suck suck! In my case, it really isn’t coersion at all because I really want to do it; I just have a hard time admitting that to anyone, even me. But my Mistress helped me face the fact that the fantasies I kept having could and should be acted on. But does she coerce me, really? I guess I will let you decide.

I’m Not Gay

I don’t see myself as gay. I love women. I have loved and fucked many women. I have also fantasized about sucking cock for a long time. Before I met my Mistress, I always wanted my girlfriends to tell me they wanted me to suck cock so they could watch. I had the whole scene in my head like I was directing a movie or a video. My girl and I would be going at it hot and heavy. She would be riding me hard, like a stallion. Sweat is pouring off both of us and suddenly she tells me breathlessly, how she wants me to suck this guy’s cock. She snaps her fingers and he’s there. He’s gorgeous and his cock is hard as a rock. “Please,” my girlfriend moans, “I need you to suck him, baby. It’ll make me cum so hard!” And so, without thinking, I take his big cock in my mouth. It makes my girlfriend scream with pleasure.

In truth, I would be the one screaming with pleasure.

Finding A Mistress

For years, I was obsessed with this fantasy. It was how I got off, no matter what the situation was. I never had the balls to tell my girlfriends about this. I never told anyone. Finally a few years ago, I got a promotion at work which gave me enough money that I could afford to look for a Mistress. I live in a city that has a big BDSM scene, so it wasn’t that difficult to find a few. I talked to all of them in-depth and chose the one I have now. She has helped me discover many things about myself. She wasn’t surprised at all when I told her that I had these fantasies of sucking cock because my girlfriend wanted to watch. I remember that after I told her this, she said that she would love to watch me do it. At first, I was shocked, then excited, then terrified all in the span of about three seconds. I told her nervously that I would have to work up the courage to actually do it. She smiled and said that she would give me time to think about it.

So a few weeks after that conversation, she calls me and says that she is bringing a couple of friends to our next session. I question her about who they are and what we’ll be doing, but she doesn’t give me information. So of course this is all I can think about at work for the rest of the day. Our next session was scheduled for the following day, so at least I didn’t have long to wait.

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Fantasy to Reality

When I got to our meeting place the next morning, I met the people my Mistress had brought with her. There was a man and a woman. She told me that I was going to have sex with the woman. I had no problem with that. She was pretty, with dark hair and big tatas. I was a little nervous, so the four of us talked a bit before the woman and I excused ourselves. She and I started out in the shower, soaping up and making out. We soon switched to the bedroom. After a bit, I realized that this was just like my fantasy. The only difference was she was sucking on my cock hard when she looked up at me and said, “I need you to suck the guy’s cock to get off for real. Please, do it for me.” I looked over my shoulder to see the guy my Mistress had brought with her. Behind him, I could hear her telling me to do what I know I want to do and suck him while I was fucking her. Too hot and hard to think twice, I slid off the bed and on to my knees. I took the guy’s cock in my mouth. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that I was really doing it.

So was I really coerced? Or did I need a reason to do what I wanted to do in the first place? I, personally, need the encouragement from a Mistress to do what I know I deep inside I really want to. So what is coerced cock sucking? Well I think you can decide that for yourself. *wink*