Suck Patrol: Cock Sucking 101

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3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+

Cock Sucking 101

Cock sucking is an art form. Oh sure anyone can drop down on their knees, open their mouth and hope for the best, but to be a real cock sucker, one that they guys want to come back to again and again, you need some guidance. That’s where we, your Mistresses, come in. You see, we know that you have the desire. You can say you don’t or insist you aren’t interested but we know you are, we know it and because of that we are willing to help you learn how to do it right.

Slick Lips Make it Smoother

So, lets start out with a few basic guidelines to help you enjoy your first cock sucking sessions. And more importantly to make sure the man with the cock you are sucking enjoys them! You need to start out knowing that you are not in control. Oh sure, sometimes you are, but that control can disappear quickly and if you aren’t prepared for it, you are going to choke - literally and figuratively. We don’t want that do we? No way! Choking ruins the sexy, unless he’s into that in which case it won’t matter what you try to do. *giggle*

So, first things first - Vaseline. This is for your lips and teeth so don’t get freaked out and think that I’m going to tell you sucking always leads to fucking, it doesn’t. The Vaseline is to keep your lips from getting to dry and your teeth from sticking to your lips. Sure you’ll have lots of spit and if you do things right, cum in your mouth, but not when you first start and no one wants dry lips scraping up and down their dick! So lube up your mouth, it’s going to be getting fucked, only makes sense doesn’t it?

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Control Yourself and Maybe That Cock

Next, lets talk about your ability to control the situation. At the beginning you will have some, what you do with that control will depend on how long it lasts and what you can accomplish while you have it. Here’s how it goes; You get on your knees to suck his cock. This is of course a sign of submission, but it’s also just the best place to do it. If you are on your knees in front of him, you can do other things to control how long the session goes on. Your mouth will get tired and if you can’t get him off, you’ll have to agree to whatever he likes to get himself off, but we’ll talk about that in the - you are not in control section.

Right now, you are the one running the show, so start off with licking and stroking and play with his balls. You’re a man, sort of, so you know what feels good, so do it! This isn’t rocket science, just stroke and suck and lick, but don’t use all your tricks right away or you’ll spend a couple of hours on your knees trying and failing to get him to cum. You have to mix it up, do different things at different times, you can keep them excited. Once you start repeating things over and over instead of being exciting like a rock concert you turn yourself into background music that they hear but aren’t moved by and that will lead to you losing all control.

You are Not Really In Control You Are Just Sucking

It’s true to a point, that while you do have a semblance of control in the beginning with speed and details, if you can’t get them off right away, you lose that control and they take matters into their own hands, literally. A man with you on your knees in front of him, is going to want you to deep throat his cock and if you don’t and he gets bored, he will grab your head and fuck your face. It’s true and you know it. You might have even done it, but believe me, if you aren’t prepared for it to happen you are going to gag. That might make him pull back and it might not.

Men love to fuck, so if your mouth is what he’s using, the best you can do is make a great sucking hole for him to pleasure himself with and hope it happens. If it doesn’t…well he may need to use other parts of you and if it does, then again you have to be prepared. Swallowing is essential and not swallowing will just disappoint or maybe even piss him off. Good luck with these beginners guidelines. Don’t worry, I’m sure your Mistress will tell you more!