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I’m a Cock Sucker For Her Pleasure

My Fantasy Phone Sex Mistress is seductively bratty as well as charming, bossy, demanding and generous at the same time. She can be warm and giving or cold and bitchy and is as perverted as any one I’ve ever known. She’s bold and honest and doesn’t care what anybody thinks. She definitely has her own mind and will not be intimidated or condescended to. She’s also extremely intelligent and intuitive, and oh … did I mention really really perverted?! Because of these traits, she grabbed my attention the first time we spoke.

I’m in my mid forties and I love, adore, absolutely LUST after younger women in their 20’s. Instead of making me feel awkward, judged or psychoanalyzed, my Mistress talked to me. No role plays and fake moans and groans. She asked me questions, and listened. More than that, she remembered what I said. Despite having tons of other clients, she made me feel special! She also shared her experiences and fantasies so that I felt like she completely understood my particular kink. My Mistress is a consummate professional and never “crosses the line”, but she has such an affable personality that I feel like we’re actually friends. The key is, she makes me feel safe.

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She Pushes Me To the Limit

It should come as no surprise then that she has constantly pushed me to the edge of my sexual limits. She gets me to confess secrets to her that would make Benny Hill blush. She has strategically worked her way into my very psyche, and I have discovered that we are sexually compatible. In fact I refer to her as my “perverted soul mate”. I think about her daily and would do anything to please her. The discovery of my perverted soul mate has made me euphoric. I have searched for someone who “got me” my entire life. Now that I’ve found her, I crave her attention and would do virtually anything to get it and keep it. I now see myself truly as her toy. I am her plaything and am at my happiest when I am serving her. So when I read that one of her favorite fantasies was to be the “sexy babysitter” that turned the tables on the dirty older man who lusted after her by making him serve her dressed like a sissy, my dick twitched. When I read that she would make her perverted employer suck off her boyfriend and his friends on the football team, I almost came in my pants.

I Want To Suck For Her and Do

I’ve had gay fantasies many times over the years, but have never acted on them. I LOVE women. I lust after women. I obsess over women. But somewhere deep in my secret place, I’d like to try sucking a cock. I don’t want a relationship …. I don’t even want to know the guy’s name. I just wanna taste a big stiff penis. Of course as she does, my Mistress got me to confess my perverted secret. After many conversations I now realize that I want to service her by wearing a slutty sissy maid’s outfit and sucking off her boyfriend. Actually, I’d suck off whomever she told me to. I want her to watch me with glee as I take his dick in my hand and stroke it …. Slowly at first, then progressively faster. For her pleasure I’d lick the tip of his dick like a slut.

Now I want it in my mouth …. Throbbing and twitching and pulsing. I’m not sucking. It’s just resting in my mouth, and I’m staring at my goddess for approval. I know she wants me to get him hot so he can fuck her while I watch from the corner, but I’m weak now. I’m in love with his cock and I need him in my mouth. I suck slowly and gently, but then more urgently as my lust grows. I’m lost in the moment and all I can think of his how hard he is pumping in and out of my mouth. He hits the back of my throat and then takes it out and rubs it on my face. Now I’m hornier than ever, then I remember …. I’m hers, not his. My dick is hers …. My body is hers … my mind is hers … my will is hers … and my lust for cock is for her pleasure, not mine. I stop ….. he moans his displeasure … and I ask her if she wants me to continue. She gives me a look, and as I projected, I end up in the corner watching this hunk fuck my Mistress. As much as I miss his cock, I’m completely happy. I’m not allowed to touch myself, but all is well. My Mistress is enjoying herself and I get to watch.

Would I do this in real life? Before my Mistress, the answer would be unequivocally “NO”! Since she has taken control of my life, I’d suck his dick, let him fuck me in the ass and swallow his cum without a moment’s hesitation. After all, it’s not every day one finds their perverted soul mate …..

Suck Patrol Mistresses Currently Available