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Glory Hole Safety for Cock Suckers

You can consider this your official Penis Safety Announcement, for those of you Cock Suckers who love the thought of a Glory Hole Suck and for those of you who have heard of it, think it sounds naughty and “glorious” but really have no idea what it is. We want you to be dirty and do all kinds of kinky fun things but we also want you to be safe to have fun for a long long time.

What is A Glory Hole?

So, first of all, what is a Glory Hole? Have you thought about it and wondered? I bet you have. Well lets start with the basics. Glory Holes can be found in various places, naughty book stores, the back of a strip joint, maybe even in a bathroom in a rest area or at a dungeon. We’re going to assume that you, as a cock sucker are there to service not be serviced. In theory, you would go to the back where the glory holes are and you’ll find either a small narrow room, a cubicle or a stall like in a bathroom. The walls would ideally go all the way up and all the way down with at least one hole to your right and at least one hole to your left. Sometimes there are more holes of various heights and sizes but I think you get the idea. You would possibly sit on a chair or on your knees or even if it’s in a bathroom stall on the toilet, after all you are just the hole.

Yes, the hole. Those openings in the wall that I called holes, they aren’t the real Glory Hole, you are. If you are in that tiny area, where you can’t see anyone or anything on the outside it’s your job to service whatever comes through those holes. That means, as the hole you are to suck, stroke or fuck any cock that comes through. When he sticks his cock in, he expects results and you can’t pause or wait or refuse, because you are no longer our cock sucking whore, you are the glory hole. You stay in there and service cocks for hours, one after the other. If your mouth is busy you use your hand, until your mouth is free, or you go back and forth. You swallow cum and end up with it all over your face and hands and body, because you are just the hole. And when you come out, there might be some there waiting for you, wanting more or just wanting to call you a dirty whore.

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Why There Are Better Ways To Find Cocks To Suck

In case just being told that at a Glory Hole you are the hole, doesn’t tell you enough, let me give you a little bit of information about the dangers that lie in going to one of these places. First of all, you never know who you are sucking or where their cock has been. Unwashed is bad enough, and yes, you want to feel like dirty slut, but you don’t want to contract a disease. That would be very bad and kill the sexy fast. Next, there’s the uncontrolled factor. You can’t pick and choose who is there or what they do once you are in the room. And you have no idea until you come out if someone is there waiting to have you do more than maybe you are prepared to do! Being a cock sucker doesn’t mean you want to be fucked and going to a Glory Hole is putting yourself in a situation to be seen as someone who is available for all kinds of play that you may not want to be a part of all the time.

But Mistress I Want to be a Cock Sucker!

Well there are lots of other fun ways to be a cock sucker that are much safer. Your FemDom Mistress can guide you into finding a group of men, usually friends of hers who would be happy to have their cocks sucked by a little slut like you, but they will be clean, disease free and know just exactly how far things can go before you even show up. If you don’t have a Mistress, there are fetish play palaces in most big cities where you can go and get hooked up with some safe simulated Glory Hole play. And of course, your phone fantasy Mistress is always there to role play a virtual fantasy world with you where you can be as naughty as you want, anywhere you want, without risking ruining your good time in the future.

We want your Penis to be safe and ready to play for years to cum, so remember to pay attention to our PSA’s (penis safety announcements) and don’t choose a moment of dirty over years of exciting and fun!

Suck Patrol Mistresses Currently Available