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My husband is a cock sucking cuckold. How did he get this way you may ask? Well, let me tell you. My husband is rich. He has been rich since before I met him five years ago. We dated for a while and then I realized that he was a weak loser. But I couldn’t stop dating him. He loved me and he was RICH! I married him eventually, even though I could barely touch him by that point. After the marriage, I endured my life with him for a few years, but finally I had to say enough was enough.

First I Was Unhappy

We were living in a palatial house in NYC when I confronted him about my unhappiness with him and our marriage. His reaction was not surprising to me. He was crying and angry all at once, demanding to know if I wanted a divorce and if I was seeing someone else. I told him that there wasn’t anyone else and that I really didn’t want a divorce. I said that I knew that he loved me, but I was not happy or satisfied with him and that I had been thinking about the idea of an open marriage. My husband looked shocked then began to sob harder. Knowing that there would be no more discussion until he got ahold of himself, I left him sitting on the edge of our bed and went to make dinner. He joined me in at the kitchen table half an hour later. He looked sad and beaten as he told me that he would accept and open marriage so long as I didn’t leave him. I could control all of it. He promised he wouldn’t say a word about my choices. He said that he just wanted me to be happy. All the time he was talking, I was thinking of how happy it should make me that I’m getting my way. But really all I could think about was what a sorry ass loser he was. Such a spineless excuse for a man. I was glad he agreed because I would’ve left his ass and I told him as much.

He Said He Wanted Me to be Happy

So I started to go out by myself. I have read books on dating and know that it is much easier to get a date if you are at the bar alone than if you are with a group. I also joined online groups for women in open marriages for advice and support, because God knows my husband didn’t support me at all. He moped around the house when he wasn’t working and cried a lot. What irritated me the most was the silent looks he gave me that were followed by the sobbing and leaving the room. I would almost rather he just yell and scream and throw me against a wall and tell me that he was the only man for me. But he never did.

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So I Found Someone to Make Me Happy

But I soon found someone who would do just that. I met him at a friend’s party. I wasn’t looking for anyone and my husband had been invited. He didn’t come with me though because he was too tired. So I was wandering around the party with a glass of wine in my hand when he walked by and we struck up a conversation. He was so nice that I talked to him for the rest of the party. I explained that I was married, but that our marriage was open. He said he was single and ready to try new things. I hate to admit it here but I asked him to come home with me. We both knew where that would lead, but I didn’t care.

When we got home, I introduced my new friend to my husband, who looked horrified. I told him to relax and stop looking so surprised. I led my soon to be lover up to the master bedroom and as I closed the door, I heard my husband ask if he could watch. The thought of having a man in my bed who could actually satisfy me was already making me really hot and I couldn’t really think straight, so I told him that if he wanted to watch me with another man that was fine with me.


He Joined In

And so he did watch as we had hot wet sex all afternoon. In the middle of it all, my husband said he wanted to suck my lovers cock. My lover and I looked at each other and I thought “How hot!” I asked if he wanted my husband to suck his cock. He looked excited and nodded. He quickly changed positions and my husband got on his knees and took my lover’s cock in his mouth. It was so sexy to watch that now I make my husband blow all my lovers every time they come over!

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