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Cocksuckers: Men who love cock

by Ms. Ryan of

Cocksuckers typically fall into 1 of 2 categories. Yes, there are layers beneath each category depending on any other fetishes they may have but in a general sense, you are either one or the other. Now, whether or not YOU are aware of which cateogry you fall into isn't so much of an important thing. After all, it is part of my amusement and fun to distinguish it and get to the base of what turns you on, isn't it? And ultimately, being a coerced-bi Mistress, I am the resident expert in where you fall in the spectrum. Someone who knows what you need in addition to what you want. For our purposes, we'll stick with just the 2 designations: either a cock craving bitch or a humiliation slut.

Cock Craver

For our purposes, if you're a "cock craver" you would be willing to drop to your knees and suck, no matter anything else. Your mouth makes an almost perfect 'O' shape by default and your tongue gets thick in your mouth whenever you think about sex in general. It doesn't matter to you what the situation is, you need the taste of cock in your mouth like you need air in your lungs. This type of behaviour is found most often in sissies, but certainly isn't limited to just that section. Cock cravers are men who will seek out other men to suck or fuck on their own, whether they have a Femdom around to facilitate it or not. They will usually identify themselves as "bisexual" or may just outright confess to being gay.

Cock cravers make my job as a Mistress quite easy. Pointed in the direction of a dick, you'll typically do the rest of the work ... seduction and sucking done while I sit back, relax and enjoy the show. And it is absolutely a show I love to watch.

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Humiliation Slut

If you're a humiliation slut, you need to be told to suck cock. You need to be micro-managed into being put on your knees while I hold your head still and guide his cock down into your mouth. Generally speaking, it's not the cock you get off on so much as the level of humiliation you feel from doing it. Because, if we're going to be honest, there is a tremendous amount of humiliation associated with being a cocksucking faggot. Occasionally, there is some resistance but it's minimal because, way down inside, you want to suck cock but you want to be "made" to do it. Cuckolds are a good example of a humiliation slut but, again, the behaviour is not limited to just that group. The major difference is in how they identify themselves. Humiliation sluts will identify themselves as being "straight", even with the evidence of their desire drying on their faces. They aren't attracted to men and/or penis so much as they are attracted to the act itself. Their pleasure comes from the humiliation wrought by the act.

Humiliation sluts are a whole different breed when it comes to how to dominate them. They need to be told what to do and need to feel "coerced" into doing something that they would not normally do of their own volition. They enjoy the feeling of helplessness that goes along with their kink.

A little bit of both

Now, this is not to say that a man can't have a little of each in his personality. In fact, that's quite often the case. But usually, one or the other will be the dominant feature when it comes to a man's cocksucking preferences. And, in my opinion, it's quite important for a Mistress to know which one a submissive man falls into before she begins any sessions with him, as it will inform all her choices when it comes to what to do with him.