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Birth of A Cock Sucking Slut

It started with Charlie’s Angels. I was young and absolutely in lust with Farrah Fawcett. Of course I was still naïve so I didn’t really know what lust was. I had been getting erection, but didn’t really understand what was happening to me. I discovered early that I enjoyed rubbing my penis on or against any and everything, but I was too immature to understand sexuality. I definitely hadn’t begun to notice girls ….. yet.

Fucking the Pillow and Stealing Panties

So I’m staring at this thin, statuesque blonde goddess with a sweet, girly voice, and my dick got rock hard. I was throbbing but didn’t know what to do ….. so I humped my pillow. Every week, I’d watch Farrah while madly humping my pillow pretending it was her. I never told anyone. I was ashamed because good religious guys didn’t act like this. Of course I got bored after awhile, I needed to make my pillow more like her. So I did what any horny, guilt ridden, red blooded American boy would do … I took my mom’s underwear and dressed my pillow like Farrah (I was really stupid!). I’d rub my dick all over the panties, pretending I was doing my fantasy girl ….. and yes those panties felt INCREDIBLE! I did feel a little guilty for it, but my dick ruled.

As time passed, I lost the edge again. Humping panty covered pillows didn’t cut it anymore. I wanted to take it to another level. To do that, I had to become Farrah. So I started pretending I was a woman. I’d get caught by the bad guys, and they’d fuck me. Being controlled and treated like a slut was intoxicating and it wasn’t like I imagined it being against my will, no way I wanted it! I couldn’t stop. I didn’t know what feminization was, but I was on the bottom now humping my pillow instead of the top and I was wearing my mom’s panties, instead of putting them on the pillow. I also added a new wrinkle ….. I’d tie myself up with my mom’s pantyhose. After that I became obsessed with being slutty. In my room, I was always a slut … switching as I walked back and forth and posing in front of my mirror and pretending I was being dominated by men. I took my next leap forward when I discovered porn.

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Learning to be a Slut

A lot happened to me over the next few years. I started taking risks by running naked in the woods. I got hooked on Truth or Dare. I met 2 girls who made me walk around with my penis out but would never show me their bodies. They’d touch me but I was never allowed to touch them. Basically, I was always submissive in my fantasies and in my real life. Then at around 19, a security guard friend introduced me to porn. I was hooked instantly. Naturally I was drawn to submissive women. I loved watching dominant men treat these women like sluts. Just as naturally …. In part out of habit, and in part because I was too submissive and scared to ask real girls for sex, I began to pretend I was the slut being fucked. I was mostly drawn to oral. I LOVED watching women give head ….. I wanted to give head. I wanted to suck, and slurp and lick a dick like these women. I wanted to worship a big fat stiff dick. I wanted a man to rub, spank and caress my ass, squeeze me to him and kiss me in the mouth like he owned me. Then I wanted him … it didn’t matter who in my fantasies … to say, “suck my cock you greedy slut”. My fantasies grew more intense, and so did my need for dick. I started looking for gay porn, which before the internet was really hard to find. I started sucking bananas and hotdogs and polish sausages to satisfy my craving for cock …. which haunts me to this day.

When I See Slutty Women, I Imagine it’s Me

I am now in my 40’s and still obsessed with dick. I never actually fucked a man (but my Mistress keep encouraging me) and I never dressed like a woman, but those thoughts fuel my every waking fantasy. I LOVE looking at slutty women, but the odd thing is instead of wanting to fuck them myself, I picture them getting fucked and being forced to or allowed to watch. I picture myself dressed like these slutty women who I adore to look at and stalk and then submitting to a man’s every whim. I’m slim and blonde and wear little tiny denim short shorts, and men can’t stop thinking about fucking me.

Random men grab and pinch and slap my ass, and my dick gets harder with each one until someone aggressive just makes me get on my slutty knees and suck the cum out of their cock. I want it all. I want an aggressive man or Fem Dom with a strap on to dominate me. I want a transvestite to seduce me. I want full on she-male to act slutty for me, but then make me act slutty for him/her. I’m happily married, and LOVE sex with women, but at the very deepest part of me, I will always be a cock whore. And to think, it all started with Charlie’s Angels ….

Suck Patrol Mistresses Currently Available